Smarten Your Home

    In recent years Home Automation has made inroads into the Indian marketplace and users are slowly but surely investing in this technology for their homes. There are questions about how useful this technology can be and what the advantages for an average home owner really are. Here’s some food for thought as you contemplate automating your house.

1]   SECURITY: The biggest advantage of an automation device is added security, monitor your home from anywhere, keep your home secure using automated locking systems, reduce chances of fires and electrical malfunctions by tracking your appliances and lights.

2]   SAVE MONEY: Make sure no lights are left on, keep your air conditioners at optimum temperatures using automated thermostats, use dimmers to create mood lighting and save energy, monitor your energy consumption from anywhere and reduce your electricity bills.

3]   ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: By reducing energy consumption you are also helping the environment.

4]   ONE LESS THING TO PLAN: Having all the controls of your home on your phone makes it easier to take off for those impromptu vacations and substantially reduces the hassle of having to plan beforehand.

    Much of these home automation systems are actually already in use. In fact, the concept of universal remotes which control all media devices in the house is pretty old now. The next level of automation steps in with products like Google Nest, where your car communicates with the thermostat in the house and tells it that you are approaching and need the temperature at a certain level. The LED sensors know when you enter a room; the cameras alert you as soon as they spot a face they cannot identify, near your house, and all media devices synch with each other. Thus by adding artificial intelligence to home automation Google hopes to usher in the era of the ‘internet of things’ and ‘thinking homes’, but we’ll have to wait a few years for that to make it to our homes.

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    In India, companies like Honeywell, Legrand, Advantech, Lutron, Crestron, Siemens Building Technologies, Schneider Electric and Johnson Controls are the big Indian players in the home automation industry, which is expected to grow at a CAGR of 30% between 2011 years to 2016. This goes to show that there is a huge demand for this segment in our country, and there are a whole range of cool products coming up, to make life simpler for us all.

    We at BuildingBlox are working on creating a comprehensive data base of products and services available in this ever expanding and innovative field, so keep checking this space for your home automation needs.